(mep) design coordinator k4490
3d visualizer detailer k4064
Accountant and support services administrator k4511
Accountant -financial analyst k4016
Accountant -payroll k4013
Accountant -treasury k4014
Accountant-general ledger k4008
Accountant-payable k4009
Accountant-workshop k4012
Accounting assistant - finance k4034
Accounting assistant -financial analyst k4036
Accounting assistant -treasury k4035
Accounting supervisor - general ledger k3022
Accounting supervisor - treasury k3020
Accounting supervisor-payable k3023
Area manager nbs n3019
Area sales manager k3019
Assistant area manager k4051
Auditor k3024
Bd assistant k6003
Bd coordinator k6009
Beauty salon manager k4028
Brand director k0003
Brand manager k2525
Brand training manager k3063
Business development executive
Buying coordinator k3202
Buying manager k2005
Carpenter k4055
Carpentry assistant k4021
Ceo k0001
Clothing & toys retail operations director k1010 k1010
Content developer k4040
Country sales manager k3008
Crm manager k2011
Customer service representative k3027
Deputy bd manager k3038
Deputy buying coordinator k4005
Deputy buying manager k4400
Deputy ceo clothing k1013
Deputy ceo support services k1012
Deputy digital content manager k3028
Deputy fashion designer k3045
Deputy hr manager_k3039
Deputy it support coordinator k4015
Deputy marketing coordinator k3049
Deputy marketing manager k2025
Deputy merchandise planner k4006
Deputy mp manager k4101
Deputy production and graphic design coordinator k4459
Deputy qa & technical manager k2029
Deputy qa coordinator k4443
Deputy qa manager k2327
Deputy retail maintenance coordinator k4080
Deputy retail manufacturing manager k3072
Deputy shipping manager k3071
Deputy store contracts manager_k3011
Deputy technical coordinator k4044
Deputy technical manager k2026
Deputy visual merchandising coordinator k3054
Deputy vm manager k2307
Deputy workshop coordinator -joinery estimator k6008
Design coordinator k3017
Design manager k2004
Digital marketing manager k3026
Director of product development k1014 k1014
Driver k4059
E-commerce and digital marketing manager k2016
E-commerce project manager k3245
Finance admin assistant k4076
Finance manager- accounting k2012
Fit model k5001
Graphic design coordinator k4001
Group business development director
Group finance controller k1007
Group finance director k0005
Group hr director_k1001
Group internal audit manager k2010
Group it director k1002
Group it manager k2528
Group learning & development manager k2018
Group logistics director k1008
Group store development director k1003
Hair stylist and make-up artist k4208
Hair stylist assistant k4078
Hair stylist k4066
Head of business development k1023 k1023
Head of buying k1021
Head of digital k2038
Head of operations k1022 k1022
Head of sales operations k1006
Health and safety manager
Housekeeping assistant k5003
Hr coordinator_k4037
Hr manager_k2022
It manager k2015
It support analyst (coordinator) k3010
Junior hair stylist a4066
Legal coordinator pro_k4017
Legal manager_k3003
Logistics manager k3005
Make-up artist & junior stylist k4108
Marketing and creative service manager k3006
Marketing assistant k4031
Marketing coordinator k3013
Marketing director k000a
Marketing manager k2001
Massage therapist k7011
Merchandise planning assistant k4091
Merchandise planning coordinator k3018
Mp manager k2008
Mystery shopper k4442
Nail & waxing tech/massage therapist k4084
Nail technician k4206
Office assistant k4026
Office assistant_k5002
Omnichannel manager k2039
Operations manager k3067
Outdoor delivery assistant k5009
Pa k3012
Packing assistant k4023
Painter k4056
Painting assistant k4022
Payroll supervisor k3074
Product development coordinator k3036
Product development manager k2003
Product trainer k4002
Production and graphic design coordinator k4045
Production assistant k4027
Production assistant k4310
Qa assistant k4072
Qa coordinator k4003
Qa manager k2007
Qc assistant k4024
Quality assistant k4449
Receptionist k4053
Regional sales manager k2009
Regularity affairs coordinator k4492
Retail admin assistant k3201
Retail maintenance coordinator k3050
Retail support assistant k5006
Sales assistant k4052
Senior administration coordinator k4042
Senior analyst (mr) k4041
Senior brand manager k1004
Senior buying coordinator k3100
Senior country manager k2032
Senior design coordinator k3317
Senior graphic design coordinator k3087
Senior graphic design coordinator_k3062
Senior hair stylist k4188
Senior marketing coordinator k3043
Senior merchandise planning coordinator k3101
Senior product development coordinator k3089
Senior qa coordinator k4453
Senior sales assistant k4063
Senior technical coordinator k4454
Senior visual merchandising coordinator k3044
Shipping assistant k4061
Shipping coordinator k4039
Shipping manager k2044
Site supervisor k7002
Social media manager k2028
Store delivery coordinator_k6005
Store design assistant_k4074
Store design coordinator (sdg)_k4046
Store manager k4007
Store manufacturing manager k2017
Store support assistant k4065
Support associate_k4019
System analyst k4058
Technical assistant k4050
Technical coordinator k4004
Technical manager k2006
Technical support leader k5115
Training coordinator_k3079
Translator k4030
Treasury manager - group k2013
Upholsterer k4057
Vm assistant k4032
Vm coordinator k3014
Vm manager k2002
Warehouse assistant k4060
Warehouse admin coordinator_k4043
Warehouse coordinator k6006
Warehouse forklift and reach truck driver k5008
Warehouse manager k2045
Web development coordinator k6004
Workshop assistant k4062
Workshop coordinator - warehouse k6001
Workshop shipping assistant k4033